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Création de sujet : Soft jelly with hard jelly centre?
Does anyone know what this could be please? The transparent jelly was very soft but the bluish crescent was more like rubber. Any ideas? Thank you.

Réponse sur : What is this?
Would you be so kind as to give me an indication of this colonial tunicate, also found in the proximity of the others? Thank you very much.

Réponse sur : What is this?
Oh wow,I hadn't noticed the Botrylloides wasn't leachii. Thanks for the info on both!

Création de sujet : What is this?
Hi,Could anyone tell me what this is? Found next to Botrylloides leachii, it looks like another colonial tunicate because I can see a tunic between the white parts. Any help is appreciated.

Création de sujet : Eudendrium rameum
Hi,What are the orange things on the branches of this Eudendrium rameum please? Thank you.

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