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Réponse sur : Egg-laying?
Wow, exactly! Thank you very much:)

Réponse sur : Animal marin inconnu Equipe :COELHO-MANDES Delphine, ANDRÉ Frédéric, MÜLLER Yves, PEAN Michel in : DORIS, 02/07/2017 : Echinocardium cordatum (Pennant, 1777),

Création de sujet : Egg-laying?
Hi,I noticed several larger Chromis chromis gojng round in circles on shallow rocky bottoms, surrounded by smaller individuals two weeks ago (25 June). What behaviour is this please?

Création de sujet : Upeneus pori?
Hi,I came across this fish and just caught it swimming in unclear water about 3m below me. I chased it for a photo as I didn't know what it was. The photo quality is not good but I noticed the stripe along the body continues onto the bottom part of the tail, which is typical of Upenues porgi. Als...

Réponse sur : What animal?
Hello,Yes, sorry I forgot to say: in Malta, east coast. Echiuria makes sense. I've seen Bonellia viridis a number of times but I think this species is usually buried in the sand. Thanks for your replies:)Desirée

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