Vit à Waterford, et plonge au large de cette ville côtière d'Irlande, et ailleurs en Irlande et dans le monde...

A few thing about me and diving.

I do around 50 cold water dives a year (in Ireland) and maybe 20 warm water dive ( Red sea ) if I'm lucky !!
In a year of diving i take 300 pictures of marine creature and sea life. I enjoy shallow dives (10 meters) which is where i see the thing i like take pictures of , my favorate marine creatures are nudibranchs, sea anemones and cuttlefish.
I have to say Ireland is a great place to dive, being and island there plenty of water !!! there are some interesting creatures that pass here like basking shark, turtle ( logger head ), sun fish, moray eels, dolfins and sharks thats just the stuff that appers around our coast in summer but there are very interesting creatures that live in the irish waters all year round some of which I have taken pictures of, people are shocked when I tell them about what I Ihave seen underwater and what their missing.

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