Identification ascidian

Identification ascidian
Identification ascidian
  • Lieu de prise de vue : Spain, Bay of Alfalcs (Delta del Ebro), 1,5 meters
  • Date de prise de vue : 24/09/2015
  • Nom du photographe : Xavier Salvador
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Xavier Salvador le 11/01/17


It's another dude of specie of ascidian in the same place of the previous identification.

The size of every individual it's 2-3cm. It's have a expansive behavior. It's possible that is Ecteinascidia thurstoni?


Anne PROUZET le 11/01/17

These are very similar to Ecteinascidia turbinata Herdman, 1880 (file in progress...)
The localisation(Delta del Ebro) is consistent with attempts of raising this species in the Baleares island, and scattering of larvae throughout Western Mediterrannee

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